Here you can search by topic for other PhD students’ projects. This means that you can find and contact ‘like-minded’ fellow PhD students for your mutual academic benefit.

By linking to the topics, you can see which PhD students are writing about the various topics, their contact details and a brief description of their projects.

The titles and descriptions of the projects can be found in either Danish or English. For a translation of the Danish titles and descriptions, please contact the PhD student responsible.


Dataform for PHD students (enrolled in a Danish PHD Programme in Law under Jurforsk).

A list showing the project titles in alphabetical order can be found here.

Labour Law, Employment Law

EU Law

Intellectual Property Law

Competition/anti-trust Law. Public Procurement. Marketing

Enviromental Law

Jurisprudence. Legal History/Philosophy. Sociology

Social security Law. Healthcare Law

Law of Property

Civil Procedure and dispute resolution. Arbitration

Family Law. Sucession Law

Private International Law. Conflict of Law. Procedural Law

Bankruptcy Law. Insolvency Law. Debt Enforcement

Common Law of Obligations

Company Law. Security Law. Banking Law

Constitutional Law. Public Int. Law. Human Rights


Tort Law. Insurance Law

Administration Law

Comparative Law

Women's Rights. Equal Rights. Children's Rights

Law of Obligations - special area

Direct and indirect Taxation

Criminal Justice. Criminology. Police Science