Law of property

Appropriation in the Property Law – An analysis of the substantive requirements of the appropriation in different legal areas in the Property Law

Anna Holst Fyhn

University of Southern Denmark


Tlf.:   +45 30 89 44 30/ +45 60 50 22 58 


Startdato: 01.02.2018

Slutdato:  31.01.2021


Excessive Pharmaceutical prices as an anti-competitive practice in TRIPS & European Competition Law

Behrang Kianzad

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, CeBIL, Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law


Tel.: +45 35 33 39 07


Starting date: 1 September 2017

Completion date:  31 August 2020

Project description:

An investigation of the triangular dilemma of strong Intellectual Property protection, contra high prices of medicines as result of the global Intellectual Property regime and finally the legal-economic rationales and discourses underlying Intellectual Property Law / competition law / intervention. The aim is to establish what constitutes anti-competitive practices such as excessive prices in TRIPS & EU Competition Law, by making the case for the excessiveness of prices as an anti-competitive practice in and out of themselves from a legal-economic / competition law perspective.