Digitalisation ad technology in law

Governance in the digital economy: assessing data privacy regulations and their impact on data commodification business strategies

Marianne Jade Buffat

Copenhagen Business School


Tel.:    +45 60 89 24 21


Starting date: 01.11.2022

Completion date:  01.11.2025

Project description:

This research project aims to explore how data privacy regulations drive data commodification business strategies in Europe. While data privacy regulations are being implemented and applied with varying degrees of effectiveness and civil society is increasingly aware of data privacy issues under a system of “surveillance capitalism”, ie. commodification of data for the sake of creating more data, both compliance and governance regimes are showing their limits in the rapidly evolving context of digital innovations and business practices. As such, digital practices continue to outpace digital law innovations, limiting the effectiveness of legal instruments of compliance. This research seeks to investigate approaches and tools to make data regulations in the EU more effective from a business strategy perspective.

Accessing a non-manipulative social media: a human rights law approach

Rasam Zamani Farahani

Digital Democracy Centre, University of Southern Denmark




Starting date: 1 December 2022

Expected completion date:  30 November 2025

Project description:

Social media platforms are playing a vital role in our daily lives. However, while we are catching up on the news or sharing our personal accomplishments on a social media platform, the social media company is harvesting our personal data to maximize our engagement with its platform through personalized content. They also exploit our personal data to steer us into the interest of their customers by political or commercial microtargeting advertisements. Moreover, the underlying algorithm of social media platforms enables malicious actors to target their vulnerable audience with personalized disinformation. This project tries to explore how would personalized content (disinformation) and microtargeting advertisements on social media amount to manipulation and how would international and European human rights law respond to that. The project continues to answer whether social media users’ consent would justify them being exposed to manipulative contents, and whether there is (or should be) a right to access non-manipulative social media.

A digital economy challenge to international economic law? Crypto-assets, data, and the relevance of international investment law and international trade law

Niels Lachmann

Department of Law, University of Southern Denmark


Tel.:   +45 6550 2236


Starting date: 1 January 2023 

Expected completion date:  31 December 2025

Project description:

My PhD project inquires into the possibilities of regulating the digital economy under international economic law. The project’s more specific focus is with the relevance of international trade law and international investment law as legal frameworks challenged by addressing data and crypto-assets.