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Sustainability requirements in the maritime sector and contracts

Vincenzo Battistella Marinucci

CEPRI, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Mail: vincenzo.battistella@jur.ku.dk 

Tel.:  + 45 35 32 92 45 

Web: https://jura.ku.dk/english/staff/research/?pure=en/persons/608100

Starting date: 1 December 2022

Completion date:  30 November 2025

Project description:
In this project I will analyze the legal implications of sustainable development pertaining to maritime law, particularly on maritime contracts. I will consider the implications of new impending contractual obligations emerging from the necessity of preventing air pollution from ships. Next I will evaluate various relevant aspects of contract law in a comparative perspective between civil and common law legal systems, such the evolution of the concept of good faith in common law and how environmental norms have impacted the behavior of the parties in contract law. Furthermore, I will also explore some aspect of port law namely the compliance by port States with international regulations on the reduction of carbon emissions from ships.To conclude I will investigate the possible interpretation of sustainability clauses in maritime contracts and the enforcement of these provisions in the case of not compliance with the international sustainability obligations.

Sustainable Contracting from a Value Chain Perspective

Frederik Skamris Holm

Copenhagen Business School

Mail: fsh.bhl@cbs.dk 

Web: https://www.cbs.dk/en/research/departments-and-centres/department-of-business-humanities-and-law/staff/fshbhl

Starting date: 1 October 2022

Completion date:  30 September 2025

Project description:

This research project aims to explore how the latest developments in contracting theory within private contracts could help facilitate the objectives of transitioning to a low-carbon economy while generating value across the value chain within the frame of the consolidated regulation of the EU. This will require an understanding of how value is created within the contract and how the value chain perspective impacts
the way in which we see privity of contract and an understanding of the legal framework that governs sustainable contracting. To do this, the following research question has been developed, and within this research project, this will be answered: 

How could the contractual framework support joint objectives of transitioning to a low-carbon economy and value creation across the value

Ejerforeninger: Struktur og beføjelser

Jonathan Seb Salicath

Aarhus Universitet, Juridisk Institut

Mail:  jss@law.au.dk   


Web:  https://au.dk/jss@law.au.dk

Startdato: 01.09.2020

Slutdato:  17.01.2024

Projektet fokuserer på de juridiske problemstillinger i forbindelse med fysisk ændring (vedligeholdelse, ombygninger, tilbygninger mv.) af den faste ejendom, som tilhører ejerforeningen, f.eks. ombygning af en ejerlejlighed