Kvinde- og ligestillingsret. Børneret

Legal Parenthood in International Surrogacy - A Comparative Study of Modern Family Law

Maria Hjeds

Department of Law, Aalborg University

Mail: mahj@law.aau.dk  

Tel.: +45 20463270


Starting date: 15.12.2018

Completion date: 15.12.2021

Project description:

The aim and purpose of the thesis is to examine the regulation of legal parenthood of children who are born through surrogacy. The thesis will have its outset in Danish law, but will consist of a comparative analysis as well. The overall question is which considerations (and to whom) weigh heavily in the decision to grant or deny legal parenthood to the intending parents of a child born through international surrogacy. The safeguarding of human rights and in particular the right to family life and the best interests of the child will be discussed and interpreted as well.