PhD course: Theory and Methodology in law

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torsdag 8. december 2022, kl. 09:00 - fredag 9. december 2022, kl. 16:00


University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Room 6B.4.04 (Building 6B, 4 floor, Room 4)


The PhD School, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

The PhD School, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen invites all PhD students within the discipline of jurisprudence to a course on

Theory and Methodology in law

Course description

The course is designed for students who have recently embarked upon PhD studies and need to enhance their general understanding of methodology and research methods, as well as the ways in which the theoretical framework and specific research methods may be applied in their research projects. The course can also be relevant for students who have been working on their research for a while and needs perspectives on methodology questions for their research project. 

The course will provide an overview of main research methods commonly used by legal researchers. Apart from the main jurisprudential approaches, the course will also cover empirical and interdisciplinary approaches to law. The research approaches and trends will be discussed in the context of international as well as Danish law. The course will run over a longer period. 

  • A two day course on Campus in December (December 8-9, 2022).
  • Regular sessions over a period of 12 weeks organized as study groups with the aim to involve PhD students more actively with different presentations. The Ph.D. students will chose tracks after the two day course and the 12 weeks will begin January 2023.

Read more about the course (pdf)

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