PhD courses

PhD courses

Pursuant to the Danish PhD Order (Ph.d.-bekendtgørelsen), the student is required to complete courses corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS credits.

The student will normally be required to participate in JurForsk courses equalling a minimum of 20 ECTS credits, distributed on approx. 10 ECTS credits from basic courses and approx. 10 ECTS credits from special courses.

Under special circumstances, the head of the graduate school may grant exemptions from this distribution.

The local head of the graduate school has the formal authority to set ECTS values for PhD courses; however, an ECTS value has been specified for the courses offered through JurForsk which the head of the graduate school is expected to use as the basis for setting the ECTS value.

See the course calendar

JurForsk basic courses Offered on a regular basis. For example practical research work, legal information searches, philosophy of law and legal methodology, legal history, legal sociology, comparative law, internationalisation of law, EU law theory, methodology and practice, legal economics.
JurForsk special courses Offered as needed and where relevant. Efforts are made to tailor these courses as far as possible to the special interests of current PhD students. However, some of the courses are recurring.
Dissemination and pedagogics Not offered by JurForsk, but by the individual institutions.
Other courses, conferences, seminars etc. No ECTS values are set by JurForsk in respect of such activities, but they may be approved by the local head of the graduate school following a recommendation from the PhD student’s main supervisor.