Lokal accept og regulering af vindmøller

Marie Leer Jørgensen

Department of Food and Ressource Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen

+45 35 33 16 32 (private mobile: 25 36 72 70)

Starting date: 01.09.2014

Completion date: 31.08.2017

Project description:

The main objective of the project is to analyse and evaluate the effects on local acceptance of wind power projects of the specific Danish policy measures in the Act on renewable energy (Consolidated Act no. 1330, Nov. 25, 2013). The project will in particular focus on the compensation scheme to neighbours, the co-ownership scheme and the community benefit scheme. These three schemes were adopted in 2008 with the purpose to increase local acceptance of wind power projects. There is, however, only limited knowledge about the actual effects of such schemes on local acceptance. The PhD project will analyse to what degree, how and why the different policy measures affect local acceptance of wind power projects. This will be valuable knowledge for the future development of such policy measures for renewable energy projects at national and international level. Recommendations to adjustments of the Danish measures may be suggested.

The PhD project is part of a multidisciplinary research project on local acceptance of wind power projects (Wind2050) funded by the Strategic Research Council.