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Offentlig Privat Partnerskab – En komparativ juridisk og økonomisk analyse af investeringspotentialerne i danske hospitalsprojekter

Sandie Nøhr Nielsen

Copenhagen Business School - Juridisk Institut


  3815 2605


Startdato: 01.02.2016

Slutdato:  31.01.2019


Formålet med afhandlingen er at skabe et videnskabeligt bidrag til brug for udvikling og frembringelse af Offentlige Private Partnerskaber (OPP) i Danmark, med baggrund i komparative analyser af retsstillingen samt en finansiel- og økonomisk analyse af markedet for OPP med henblik på at fremkomme med en fremadrettet retspolitisk anbefaling.

Injunctions over patents within the EU and the USA

Vadym Semenov

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, CIIR 


 +45 31 21 83 48


Starting date: 16.09.2015

Completion date: 15.09.2018

Project description:

The project involves comparative legal analysis of approaches towards injunctions over patents employed in the EU and the USA in the light of legislative provisions implemented in TRIPS. Despite patents grant considerably strong monopoly to its owner which includes the right to prohibit exploitation of the given patent by third parties, in some special cases the monopoly above is limited by the courts during consideration of applications for injunctive relief. Therefore, the project addresses the ratio between patent rights and practical possibility of their enforcement in both jurisdiction.

Private and public property in land: Resolving property disputes in Iceland and beyond

Valgerdur Solnes

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law / University of Iceland, Faculty of Law


 +45 31 52 72 27


Starting date: 01.09.2015

Completion date: 31.08.2018

Project description:

The research examines the Icelandic Supreme Court’s case law on account of a 1998 legislation. The legislation granted administrative power (subject to judicial review) to determine boundaries between private and public land in Iceland. The legislature opted out of enacting special evidentiary rules, and chose to adopt procedural rules to safeguard the human rights of all relevant parties. This approach was tested by the ECtHR, who concluded that the 1998 legislation, and the case law are not in violation of the ECHR (right to property, and right to a fair trial).

Contracts for the carriage of goods by sea

Jonatan Echebarria

Copenhagen Business School, Law Department


 +45 38 15 37 71


Starting date: 01.09.2014

Completion date: 31.09.2017

Project description:

The project concerns the contract negotiations broadly in the maritime industry context. The dissertation has specific focus on the role of the shipping companies and how they manage the legal and economic risks linked to the international carriage of goods by sea.