Komparativ ret

The Transfer of Rights and Obligations under Bills of Lading in a Digitalized Age

Lærke Bjørka Fosgaard

Aalborg University, Faculty of Law


  + 45 29 62 67 34 


Starting date: 1 oktober 2018

Completion date:  30 september 2021

Project description:
Denmark participates, alongside with other member states, in the preparation phase on legislative and non-legislative instruments from UNCITRAL. However, Denmark is reluctant to adopt and implement the very same legislative and non-legislative instruments. Accordingly, the outset of this PhD thesis is to investigate the advantages and disadvantages in regard to implementation of the latest model law adopted by UNCITRAL in 2017 concerning electronic transferable records.

Taking Rights of Nature and Human Rights Seriously

Katarina Hovden

Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies (CECS), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen


  + +45 42 72 62 91 


Starting date: 1 September 2017

Completion date:  31 August 2021

Project description:


Rights of nature are gaining traction. Several countries have adopted rights of nature laws (at constitutional, national, and local level) or recognised the rights of nature in court judgments. These laws and legal sources inter alia recognise that nature is a subject of the law, and, in certain cases, grant specific legal rights to nature. Born out of an Earth-centred or ecological paradigm, rights of nature (laws) present a fundamental challenge to the otherwise anthropocentric or human-centric system of law and governance.

Set against these developments, the PhD project studies the relationship(s) between the rights of nature and human rights in jurisdictions that recognise both categories of right-holders. Mindful that most legal and governance systems remain anthropocentric, individualistic and mechanistic in their very structure, the project will investigate what happens at the interface between the old paradigm (most existing individual human rights) and the new, ecological paradigm (the rights of nature). Questions to be explored include> When rights conflict (as they often do), whose rights prevail and under what circumstances? Is there a risk that the prevailing (anthropocentric) legal order will subsume and swallow the ecological one, rendering the rights of nature “mere rhetoric”? If so, what would it take for the ecological paradigm to penetrate the anthropocentric machinery of law?

Platformsbeskæftigelse i dansk arbejdsret

Asger Lund-Sørensen

Aarhus Universitet, Juridisk Institut


  20 86 82 76

 http ://au.dk/als@law.au.dk

Startdato: 01.09.2017

Slutdato:  31.08.2020


Projektet, der er artikelbaseret, undersøger de arbejdsretlige perspektiver af forekomsten af platformsbeskæftigelse på det danske arbejdsmarked. Projektet definerer platformsbeskæftigelse, som arbejdskraft udbudt via en digital platform. Projektets gennemgående tema er, hvorvidt denne type arbejdskontrakter hører til i arbejdsretten eller i den almindelige obligationsret.

Forvaltningskontrakter: Aftaler og myndighedsudøvelse

Rasmus Grønved Nielsen    

Københavns Universitet, Det Juridiske Fakultet


  +45 21 74 92 03


Startdato: 1. november 2017

Slutdato:   1. marts 2021



Afhandlingen beskæftiger sig med aftaler mellem forvaltningsmyndigheder og borgere med særlig fokus på aftaler om myndighedsudøvelse ("forvaltningskontrakter"). Afhandlingen har navnlig til formål at identificere forskellige aftaletyper og vurdere, hvorvidt der kan opstilles almindelige principper i tilknytning hertil gennem en integration af forvaltningsretlige og kontraktretlige normer. Afhandlingen inddrager perspektiver fra navnlig tysk, norsk og fransk ret.

Excessive Pharmaceutical prices as an anti-competitive practice in TRIPS & European Competition Law

Behrang Kianzad

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, CeBIL, Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law


  +45 35 33 39 07


Starting date: 1 September 2017

Completion date:  31 August 2020

Project description:

An investigation of the triangular dilemma of strong Intellectual Property protection, contra high prices of medicines as result of the global Intellectual Property regime and finally the legal-economic rationales and discourses underlying Intellectual Property Law / competition law / intervention. The aim is to establish what constitutes anti-competitive practices such as excessive prices in TRIPS & EU Competition Law, by making the case for the excessiveness of prices as an anti-competitive practice in and out of themselves from a legal-economic / competition law perspective.

Kontraktrummets betingelser for efficient anvendelse af Offentlig Privat Partnerskab - et socialt infrastrukturelt perspektiv

Sandie Nøhr Nielsen

Copenhagen Business School - Juridisk Institut


  3815 2605


Startdato: 02.02.2016

Slutdato: 28.12.2019


Sandie Nøhr Nielsen arbejder på en ph.d.-afhandling der analyserer rammerne for mulige gevinster ved Offentlig-Privat Partnerskab (OPP), herunder i hvilken grad kontraktrummet i et OPP kan optimere samarbejdsværdien for den offentlige og private aftalepart. Afhandlingen har fokus på krydsfeltet mellem privatret og offentlig ret, og virkningerne heraf. Forskningen har et særligt fokus på sociale infrastrukturelle OPP’er og den kontraktuelle relation. Erfaringer fra Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsen viser, at der for den offentlige part er flere forhold der gør sig gældende for, hvornår OPP er økonomisk fordelagtigt. Formålet med afhandlingen er, at forsøge at give et fællesoptimerende perspektiv på anvendelsen af OPP, for herigennem at øge samarbejdet mellem sektorerne, sikre en optimeret samarbejdsværdi og en optimering af OPP kontrakten.

Injunctions over patents within the EU and the USA

Vadym Semenov

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, CIIR 


 +45 31 21 83 48


Starting date: 16.09.2015

Completion date: 15.09.2018

Project description:

The project involves comparative legal analysis of approaches towards injunctions over patents employed in the EU and the USA in the light of legislative provisions implemented in TRIPS. Despite patents grant considerably strong monopoly to its owner which includes the right to prohibit exploitation of the given patent by third parties, in some special cases the monopoly above is limited by the courts during consideration of applications for injunctive relief. Therefore, the project addresses the ratio between patent rights and practical possibility of their enforcement in both jurisdiction.

Private and public property in land: Resolving property disputes in Iceland and beyond

Valgerdur Solnes

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law / University of Iceland, Faculty of Law


 +45 31 52 72 27


Starting date: 01.09.2015

Completion date: 31.08.2018

Project description:

The research examines the Icelandic Supreme Court’s case law on account of a 1998 legislation. The legislation granted administrative power (subject to judicial review) to determine boundaries between private and public land in Iceland. The legislature opted out of enacting special evidentiary rules, and chose to adopt procedural rules to safeguard the human rights of all relevant parties. This approach was tested by the ECtHR, who concluded that the 1998 legislation, and the case law are not in violation of the ECHR (right to property, and right to a fair trial).

Contracts for the carriage of goods by sea

Jonatan Echebarria

Copenhagen Business School, Law Department


 +45 38 15 37 71


Starting date: 01.09.2014

Completion date: 31.09.2017

Project description:

The project concerns the contract negotiations broadly in the maritime industry context. The dissertation has specific focus on the role of the shipping companies and how they manage the legal and economic risks linked to the international carriage of goods by sea.