Injunctions over patents within the EU and the USA

Vadym Semenov

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, CIIR 

 +45 31 21 83 48


Starting date: 16.09.2015

Completion date: 15.09.2018

Project description:

The project involves comparative legal analysis of approaches towards injunctions over patents employed in the EU and the USA in the light of legislative provisions implemented in TRIPS. Despite patents grant considerably strong monopoly to its owner which includes the right to prohibit exploitation of the given patent by third parties, in some special cases the monopoly above is limited by the courts during consideration of applications for injunctive relief. Therefore, the project addresses the ratio between patent rights and practical possibility of their enforcement in both jurisdiction.

Enhanced Trademark Protection in the EU and China: a comparative study

Kaiyu XIAO

Aarhus University, Department of Law

 +45 87 16 54 72

Starting date: 01.09.2014

Completion date: 31.08.2017

Project description:

This is a comparative study on the EU law and Chinese law, on how the enhanced trademark protection is carried out in the two jurisdictions. This project is based on intensive case law, and the comparative functional method is the main method. In this project, the status quo on enhanced trademark protection in the EU and China will be sorted out, and the researcher is trying to answer the question that to what extend will the EU and Chinese law on enhanced trademark protection converge.

Counterfeiting – a serious threat to global economy and consumer’s health and safety

Vishv Priya Kohli

Copenhagen Business School

 38 15 26 42

Starting date: 01.06.2014

Completion date: 31.05.2017

Project description:

The PhD dissertation is about counterfeiting and its impact on global economy, and consumers’ health and safety. The dissertation has specific focus on the role of organized crime in counterfeiting and its consequences on intellectual property rights, competition and innovation.